40 Sustainable Shoe Designs – From Plant-Based Running Shoes to Cork-Accented Eco Sneakers (TrendHunter.com)

Worries about climate change have forced brands and services across industries to reimagine the manufacturing process from scratch and this concern about the planet facilitates various cutting-edge materials — these sustainable shoe examples are a testimony of that.

For instance, SCOOTS has been credited to perfect the plant-based shoe for everyday use by using innovative materials such as pineapple and corn for the upper and cork for the insole. VIVOBAREFOOT, on the other hand, takes the sustainable shoe to a whole new level by designing its Primus Lite || Bio to be made with 30% renewable plant-based materials, including natural rubber, yellow dent field corn, and harvested algae.

Services like ‘Reebok to Go’ take a different approach toward the sustainable shoe design by enabling a P2P business model for shoes.