Chic Affordable Eyewear Collections – Paradigm Eyewear Places Emphasis on Ethics and Sustainability (

Paradigm Eyewear—a brand under the Kenmark umbrella—hits the sweet spot for many consumers as the company boasts stylish and affordable eyewear collections that also place emphasis on ethics and sustainability. Its newest launch is a great example of this and the products boast both clear-lense and sun-appropriate glasses. The affordable eyewear capsule is fashion-forward and many of the frames exhibit a subtle retro influence that undoubtedly gives them character. In addition, each style comes in a variety of frame and lens colors.

In terms of its commitment to sustainability, the affordable eyewear brand foregoes excess packaging. In addition, the brand’s metal frames and the packaging that is used are all 100% recyclable. Paradigm also repurposes leftover materials when cutting its acetates. The company introduces this attitude to its factory, as well, with solar energy-powered facilities and electric company cars.

Image Credit: Paradigm Eyewear