Outdoorsy Luxury Timepieces – The Rado True Thinline Leaf Watch is Inspired by the Beauty of Nature (TrendHunter.com)

The Rado True Thinline Leaf watch is the latest timepiece from the legendary brand — known for its master watch makers, premium material choices and forward-thinking designs.

Featuring an eye-catching, polished green ceramic case, stainless steel crown and mother of pearl detailing, the watch is presented in a bold forest green shade. While it draws inspiration from the great outdoors, the watch is sleek and understated, staying true to Rado’s iconic shape and clean lines.

The Rado True Thinlife Leaf watch is launched with an exciting new campaign that is all about embracing nature’s unmatched beauty. Titled ‘Feel It!’ the campaign aims to connect today’s work-driven and busy consumer with nature and suggests “being outdoors among the wonder of nature is the perfect antidote to our hectic urban lives” and that taking the time to be outdoors ultimately will help one “stay connected with reality.”

Image Credit: Rado