Sandwich-Centered Proposals – Quiznos is Inviting Women to Propose on Leap Day with a Sandwich (

In the spirit of 2020 being a leap year, Quiznos is inviting people to take the plunge and propose on Leap Day with a sandwich instead of a ring. On February 29th, Quiznos is giving people the chance to have their wedding catered with an all-you-can-eat sandwich buffet by capturing a photo or video of their unconventional proposal involving a sandwich.

Traditionally, Leap Day is a time when women propose. Although Quiznos notes that women are more empowered than ever and “no longer [require] a designated day for women to get down on one knee,” #SayYesToQuiznos builds on the tradition and will treat a couple that’s ready for marriage to a catered wedding reception—as long as the partner says “yes.”

Image Credit: Quiznos