Slick Tri-Colored Raincoats – nanamica’s Chic GORE-TEX Raincoat Retails for Approximately $915 USD (

A new GORE-TEX raincoat is available exclusively at Couverture & The Garbstorem. Designed by contemporary label nanamica, the garment boldly bridges the gap between functionality and luxury aesthetic. The traditional-style coat is dubbed the ‘Soutien Collar Coat.’ It is ideal for urban environments as it is stylish, breathable and lightweight.

The GORE-TEX raincoat features an all-over check print, with the colors navy blue and green. The colorway is quite accessible and allows for individuals to effortlessly style the outerwear piece. The chic pattern boasts a timeless sensibility. The silhouette is A-line and mid-length, while the sleeves are fabric-belted. The GORE-TEX raincoat is lined, which adds more comfort to it.

Image Credit: Couverture & The Garbstorem