Stark White Hiker Footwear – The Greats Dante White Leather Boots are Made with Premium Components (

The vast majority of hiking footwear styles come in dark color options, which is something the Greats Dante White Leather Boots aim to offer an alternative to. The boots are made with natural leather that originates from Portugal in the Alcanena region and are paired with an additional sidewall welt in order to enhance the durability of the footwear style. The boots feature a durable TPR sole to deliver exceptional grip on uneven terrain and in conditions that might otherwise cause slipperiness like rain or snow.

The Greats Dante White Leather Boots are priced at $250 and, while ideal for off-road wear, are suited for urban environments given their fashion-forward aesthetic. This speaks to the recent popularity of urban gear-inspired fashions as consumers seek to elevate their style with products that are ready for adventure.