Sustainable 3D-Printed Jewelry – Mango’s 3D-Printed Collection Uses Materials Like Ceramic & Wood (

Mango’s 3D-Printed Collection shares jewelry pieces that are made with 90% sustainable materials like recyclable ceramics and biodegradable woods. The collection is full of statement earrings, rings and bracelets and designs that take inspiration from destination locations in the Mediterranean. While the Mixed Asymmetric Earrings resemble hand-sculpted clay pots, the Embossed Hoop Earrings take the form of textured hoop pendants. In all, Mango’s first 3D-printed jewelry capsule collection shares 10 stunning designs, all of which are priced between about $50 to $60.

Unlike throwaway costume jewelry pieces of the past, these pieces have the potential to become prized keepsakes in a jewelry box that can be used season after season.

Image Credit: Mango