Tire Technology Sneakers – Skechers’ Styles are Incorporating Rubber Technology from Goodyear (TrendHunter.com)

To enhance the features of Skechers styles, Goodyear collaborated with the footwear brand to introduce rubber technology outsoles for better grip, stability and durability. The Skechers sneakers with Goodyear Performance Outsoles offer enhanced stability, less slipping on surfaces, long-lasting durability and reliable performance in inclement weather. Notably, the outsoles contain a polymer that includes sustainable soybean oil that’s also used in Goodyear’s tires. Already the Goodyear Performance Outsoles have been applied to three Skechers styles from the Skechers GOrun collection.

As Christian Jurado, Goodyear’s Global Director of Licensed Products describes: “Goodyear has always worked to create innovative products that provide consumers with high-performance tires, and now we’re using that same ingenuity to enable consumers to wear high-performance shoes.”

Image Credit: Skechers