Top 100 Fashion Trends for 2020 – Fro Acid Rave-Inspired Streetwear to Cephalopod-Inspired Outerwear (

The 2020 fashion trends are progressive, functional, stylistically conscious, with elements that also bring feelings of nostalgia as well. A standout example is showcased by the Vollebak Black Squid Jacket, which changes color without disrupting the performance of the piece.

It uses cephalopods ability with over two billion microscopic glass spheres that have been engineered to change when it meets the light. In dimly lit environments, the jacket will appear to be black and when it encounters light, it becomes a bold iridescent color. Another great example is by footwear label ellesse — it unevils its Spring/Summer 2019 capsule that embodies bright colors as well. It draws inspiration from the ambiance of acid races, boasting some design language of the 90s as well.

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